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Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress is one of the most preferred platforms for creating websites because of many genuine reasons. But to maximize the benefits from the website created, optimization of the same is inevitable. What do you mean while saying Wordpress website optimization? It is actually the optimization of front end, i.e. plugins, themes and their outputs.

Wordpress is always pliable for optimization and hence you can do a lot. Severalrelevant tips for successful optimization are jotted below.

1. Sensible selection of themes
On hearing the word ‘theme’, designs intrudeinto the minds of a majority. This really is unhealthy as design is one among the least significant aspects of a theme. The most important characteristic to be focused while selecting the theme is that the HTML should show compliance to the standards. Theme should be availing optimal performance and should be friendly with the search engines.

2.Uncluttered page design

Design plays a great role in SEO. Every element on the website must be arranged in proper order. It should be examined whether the element is vital. If you find the answer-‘NO’, never hesitate to remove the element and no need is there to reconsider your decision. Excessive use of graphics also increases the loading speed of your website which is fatal in the web world of fierce competition.

3.Using only quality content

For any website, optimization can be made effective only with quality content and a WordPress website is obviously not an exception. The content should also be unique, readable and understandable with proper keywordincorporated in them. Also the content should primarily focus on satisfying readers rather than search engines. Number of posts per page must be limited

You should never compactly stack posts in a page. The number of posts and feeds shown must be limited. There is not a fixed rule regarding the exact number of posts to be included as the length of posts keep on varying.

4.Proper placement of Java scripts

The most common mistake people make with JavaScript is improper placement inside the HTML document. If you include JavaScript in document '', when the HTML document is rendered by any web browser then they will have to make the scripts load first and then only the content can be served. So, it is advisable to keep the JavaScript just formerly to the concluding '' tag. However there are two exceptions: TypeKit scripts and Google Analytics.

5.Judicial use of plugins

When a page is loaded, all the active plugins run. The effects of this are really high. Suppose you are having 15 active plugins and 100 visitors a day, WordPress will be running minimum 1500 commands every day. Reducing the number of plugins would surely be a nice ideamainly because it makes the maintenance and updating process easier; however many other reasons are also there.

6.Use of effective WordPress caching solution

The process of caching enhances speed and helps in saving bandwidth. This speed up your website as there is lesser calculation needed. WordPress normally renders the website pages in uncompressed format. So, it is not reasonable to serve uncompressed pages to any browser. Caching eradicates the compression problem and solves the issues related to optimization and speed.

7.A sitemap must be created in XML format

To intimate search engines regarding your website updating, using XML sitemaps is necessary. There are lots of plugins which can ease your task. With those, an XML site map is automatically generated for all the posts, pages and the taxonomies in your website.

Even though there are countless ways for optimizing your WordPress website, at least take care not to skip any of the above discussed techniques. Wishing you a happy and successful optimizing!

Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning

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